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Sport and PE Premium and Swimming Overview

The Government is providing funding to maintained primary schools, specifically targeting the improvement of PE and Sport. For a full breakdown on how Manor Field will be spending the grant, please see our Sports Premium Spending Report below.

With the close links drawn between the MSA calendar and the teaching provision, pupils develop skills in their lessons which allow staff to accurately assess and identify pupils to represent Manor Field in inter-school events. Pupils have therefore experienced new sports and competitions.

As a result of the additional funding, Physical Education now carries a higher profile at Manor Field. Significant improvements have been made to the PE teaching provision due to the implementation of a new Scheme of Work which ties in with the MSA (Mid Sussex Active) calendar.

Active clubs remain an important part of the learning experience at Manor Field, with the continuation of more specialised ones such as Tiny Tekkers, Manor Field Marching Club and Karate as well as the introduction of new and reviving of old ones such as Football, Netball, Hockey.

From an Inclusion perspective, we are now proud to have a girls’ football team to represent the school and our netball club has 28% boys attending.

The development of competitive sport is a high priority for Manor Field. The new curriculum map allows all pupils the opportunity to participate in competitive sport at the end of each half term block of teaching, with those showing ability or enthusiasm being asked to represent the school in competitions run by the MSA.

During the rest of the academic year, Manor Field will continue to develop the five areas as specified by the DfE. We expect to:

1. Engage pupils in more physical activity by further promoting the Daily Mile, widening its impact further across the school. It is an aspiration for Manor Field to install its own running track within the next eighteen months, with efforts to raise sponsorship from local organisations in progress.

2. Raise the profile of PE through staff CPD and involvement in clubs, displays and taking part in more competitive sports within the school and locality that are reported about and celebrated in assemblies, in the school’s newsletter and on the website.

3. Offer more clubs, such as Basketball and Cricket, in the summer months.

4. Raise the profile of the Sports Day to include both competitive and non-competitive sports, take part in more of the MSA calendar events, as well as host more cross-House competitions.

For further information, please feel free to click on the documents and pages below. Thank you.

Mr J Cook - Sports/ PE Leader


Evidencing the Impact of the Sport Premium - July 2023

Sports Premium Planned Expenditure 2023 - 2024