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Sports Day - KS2 Information - Thursday 12th July 2018


Please find below information regarding the arrangements for the day, which are in addition to those for KS2 underneath:

  • All gates will open at the usual times.
  • All gates will close by 9.10am, except the front entrance.
  • KS2 Sports will begin at 9.15am - please ensure you are on the field in the spectators area by this time.
  • KS2 Sports will end by 12 noon, where you are politely asked to leave the school site via the front entrance to allow all children their lunch break.
  • Just after 12.50pm, visitors may return to the field via the front entrance.
  • KS1 Sports will begin at 1pm.
  • When KS1 have finished, visitors will all be asked to go to the spectators area.
  • Any visitors arriving for the 2.30pm shuttle and presentation to go via the main entrance at 2.20pm and up onto the field into the spectators area.
  • KS2 will join KS1 on the field for the shuttle run and presentation.
  • 2.50pm (approx), all children will return to their classrooms to be dismissed as usual.
  • Visitors can then leave the field to collect their children at the usual time.

Visitors can use the visitor toilets, accessed via the main entrance.

The MFA have kindly offered to sell refreshments to visitors during the day and will be on the field in the spectators area. They are also doing ‘Ice-cream Friday’ straight after school. We also have a guest appearance from Gully, the Brighton and Hove Albion mascot.

Please remember that your child needs to come to school in their PE kit, with the same colour t-shirt as their houses, or school PE kit if you cannot find a suitable coloured one. They should also bring a sun hat and water bottle and have applied sun cream before they come to school.

We are very excited about the day and hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!

Kind regards,

Manor Field Staff

KS2 Sports Day- 9.15am to 12 noon, then at 2.30pm
Unlike previous years, our Sports Day for KS2 will take place over the entire morning with more competitive events with children cheering on their teams. The track and field events will occur at the same time. 
Track: Object Pick Up, Sack, Skipping, Hurdles, Sprint and Long Distance. 
Field: Vortex Throw, Netball Throw, Beanbag Throw and Standing Long Jump 
For each event, there are separate races for Y3 girls, Y3 boys, Y4 girls, Y4 boys, Y5 girls, Y5 boys, Y6 girls, Y6 boys, running in that order, one after the other. The relay races will then occur after all of the track and field events, followed by the parent / teacher races.
We aim to begin the day at 9.15am and KS2 should finish around 12noon for their lunch. They will then return outside at 2.30pm for the special shuttle run, as well as the award ceremony.  We are very excited to tell you that Gully, the Brighton and Hove Albion mascot, will also be joining us for this!
As you will appreciate, it is very difficult to make an accurate prediction of timings as there are so many factors involved in running the day. We sincerely hope that you are able to make it and that you see your child/children enjoying Sports Day.