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English - Phonics

Subject Leader: Kelly Forster &  Zoe Garling

Subject Policy: MF Phonics & Spelling Policy

Subject Document: Phonics and Spelling Curriculum Progression

Subject Gallery: Phonics Photo Gallery

At Manor Field, we believe Phonics and Spelling are essential skills that allow our pupils to communicate their understanding in all curriculum subjects. For pupils to develop into effective and confident readers and spellers, they need to develop and use a range of reading and spelling strategies. For this to be achieved, phonics is taught actively and explicitly with the understanding that the greatest impact is achieved when children are encouraged to apply their skills to a range of meaningful contexts. 

The systematic teaching of phonics is fundamental. Throughout their time at Manor Field School, children will experience high quality, discrete synthetic phonics teaching. This will be tailored to the individual needs of the pupil and be both engaging and dynamic. 

Here at Manor Field we follow the systematic approach laid out in the Song of  Sounds scheme (Introduced September 2021) providing pupils with an exciting and multi sensory approach to phonics. Song of Sounds is a fun and exciting program, where children learn the phonemes for their stage of development to the tune of 'skip to my lou my darling'. It is a kinaesthetic approach involving song, adults in role and practical games. Pupils at Manor Field really enjoy phonics sessions and our approach is consistent from EYFS, through Key Stage 1 and into Key Stage 2. 


Pupil Voice Presentation

Please  click on the link below to see the results of the pupil voice survey for Phonics - Pupil voice - Phonics

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