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Special Educational Needs Information Report

Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator: Ms S Jones

Email:                Phone: 01444 233 368



 All our children and young people are entitled to an appropriate education, one that is appropriate to their needs, promotes high standards and the fulfilment of potential. This should enable them to:

  • - Achieve their best
  • - Become confident individuals living fulfilling lives and - Make a successful transition into adulthood, whether into employment, further education or training. (SEND 0-25 Coded of Practice, 2015, p92)

At Manor Field, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive school that supports every child in becoming successful learners, plus developing all the necessary skills and values to live a full, flexible and rewarding life.

We are an inclusive school

We recognise that children’s special educational needs may be identified by one or more of the areas of special educational needs as referred to in the SEN Code of Practice: Cognition and Learning, Communication and Interaction, Sensory/Physical, Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs.

If a child has a special educational need, then the child will be placed on the SEND register and provision will be made for that child. Please see the SEND information report (Local Offer), the SEND Policy and the Accessibility Policy for more details.

If parents are concerned about their child, then a discussion should first take place with the class teacher at Parent Consultation Evenings or at another mutually convenient for the parents and staff. It may then be necessary for a meeting then to be arranged with the SENCO, Ms Jones who can be contacted via the details above. 

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