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Learning at home during school closures

Subject Policy: MF Remote Learning Policy 2021

 Please see below letters to parents regarding remote learning

Letter for Year 5 & 6 Parents - 28th January 2021

Letter for Year 3 & 4 Parents - 28th January 2021

Letter for Year 1 & 2 Parents - 28th January 2021

Letter for EYFS Parents - 28th January 2021


 Please see below a letter from Mr Esplen regarding remote learning.

Letter from Mr Esplen - 27th January 2021

Update on Remote Learning

As lock-down continues and our pupils continue to be educated at home, we have updated our remote learning resources list. The revised list focuses on the key websites and resources that we, as a school, are using most. Hopefully this will support you at home to focus the children’s learning, and to prevent it becoming overwhelming.  MF Remote Learning Expectations letter - January 2021  The key learning, set by your class teacher on Google Classroom may  include: 
  • Daily reading
  • Spellings set weekly alongside year group key spelling list
  • A writing activity or Talk for Writing Home Learning Booklet. This booklet includes reading, creative activities and a writing task.  They are very children friendly and children should be able to work independently. If not, please select the previous year booklet to build confidence.  Each booklet covers two weeks of learning.
  • A ‘My Maths’ task and/or A ‘Big Maths’ task -  this will help children secure basic year group number facts, including multiplication. 
  • A piece of learning from the Home learning grid (one piece from each subject area over the course of the half term)
 Please note, The National Oak Academy website is a good resource. Each day comprises Maths, English and one other subject. Children can complete these tasks independently and recent feedback from parents has been very positive. There is no sign up & no log in, so it is very easy for children to access. 

Supplementary Resources to use at home

These further resources are entirely optional, and are not intended to overwhelm parents and carers at home during this challenging time. The list is simply there as an additional home learning support, should you wish to supplement the work sent home via your child’s class teacher.The new list is split into two sections - key websites and resources, and other resources. That way, you should be able to prioritise the learning that you give to your children at home, if you wish to more than is set by the class teacher. 

Key English Remote Learning Resources

Website Content
Hamilton Trust Home Learning Packs Can be used as an additional supplementing tool if you are looking for more work for your children at home.
 The Oak National Academy Following continued Lockdown, the Government have been working alongside schools to form the Oak National Academy’s home learning resources. This is an excellent resource, providing daily lessons, online, for children of all ages.

Key Maths Remote Learning Resources

Website Content
White Rose - Home learning packs Some excellent resources should we wish to supplement the work being sent home by your class teachers.
 The Oak National Academy Following continued Lock-down, the Government have been working alongside schools to form the Oak National Academy’s home learning resources. This is an excellent resource, providing daily lessons, online, for children of all ages.

Other remote learning resources

There is no expectation from the school for children to do any further work to that being set by your class teacher via Dojo. This list is simply for those parents and carers who wish to supplement the work being sent home by the school with further educational resources.  


Website Content
Twinkl - month free membership for all.  School CODE: UKTWINKLHELPS
Code can be used by all parents.
 Khan Academy Home learning resources for Maths, including video tutorials. Free to sign up for everyone.
Bitesize  Games / Activities for a wide range of subjects.
Top MarksTop Marks Daily 10  Lots of online games and activities covering most of the maths curriculum. Daily Ten - a great resource for practising mental mathematics.
 The Maths Factor Carol Voderman’s ‘The Maths Factor' website is currently free to access, so you might want to sign-up so that your child can access the fun and engaging activities provided to do some dailyMaths practise.
Third Space Learning  This website provides ideas for some fun Maths Games that could be easily completed at home.
National Centre for the Teaching of Excellence in Mathematics   There are some additional Maths video sessions here that the children might want to work through.
 Big Maths There are some free activities which you can access on the Big Maths website for your child to practise some of the Maths skills that they would normally be encountering during their daily CLIC sessions at school. You need to go right down to the bottom of this webpage to find them.


Website Content
 Pie Corbett Talk for Writing This daily online radio blogging show is being presented by Pie Corbett and others at 9:30 every weekday morning. This show features lots of fun, engaging and interactive activities for the children to follow along with in order to enhance and develop their writing skills. It has lots of language games,creative writing, a poet of the day and an author of the week too.
      World Book Day website   The World Book Day website has put together a range of free activities and resources for children to access and complete whilst they are at home. They are designed to inspire the children's reading and writing, whilst engaging them in the magic of books! The website includes:- Free audiobooks- Author and illustrator video masterclasses- Craft activities for children to make their own book characters- Quizzes- 'How to Draw' video sessions- Top tips on how to write your own stories- Activity of the Week (this week is focused on 'The Day the Crayons Quit').- And lots, lots, lots more resources for the children to explore!
Audible Whilst schools are closed 'audible' are offering children the opportunity to stream and listen to audiobooks for free. There is a great range of texts available on here to appeal to all age groups and interests.
The World of David Walliams Every day at 11am, you can listen to David Walliams reading one of his 'World's Worst Children' stories for 20 minutes.A good time to sit down and enjoy a good story.
 Harry Potter at Home For all of you Harry Potter fans, a new website has been created called 'Harry Potter at Home'. It contains quizzes, puzzles, articles and lots of Harry Potter-related crafts ideas (e.g. how to draw a Niffler)! You can also listen to audiobooks of the stories. More Content will be added as the weeks progress.
National Literacy Trust  Here is a link to a website that provides lots of fun resources that you might want to access with your child, if you would like to continue to develop any specific aspects of theirEnglish skills further during this period.
National Centre for the Teaching of Excellence in Mathematics   There are some additional Maths video sessions here that the children might want to work through.
  myON We know that some families might be struggling to access a range of texts for their children to read at home,whilst schools and libraries are closed. Therefore, we are providing a link to a website that gives access to a wide range of digital books that the children can read on digital devices. Most of these books also link to the AR scheme, so the children can complete quizzes on them afterwards. We hope that you find these resources to be useful.
Twinkl - month free membership for all.  CODE for parents: UKTWINKLHELPS Code can be used by all parents.
BBC Bitesize daily lessons More daily lessons on a range of content, available for free via the BBC Bitesize website.
Here are some links to Grammar / Reading and Writing activities and quizzes:


Website Content Some free resources on here for various KS levels. Some other resources need to have a paid subscription.   Free science resources/activities. PE - Daily exercise sessions for kids, from home with Joe Wicks.This is an excellent resource to help keep your children active.
 STEM Learning If you wanted more ideas of Science, Maths, Computing and/orD&T activities that you could do at home with your child, then the STEM Learning website provides a wide-variety of activities that your child might like to have a go at.
The James Dyson Foundation This website provides lots of brilliant practical engineering challenges that you could try out at home.  The challenges incorporate aspects of Science, Technology and Maths.   Free Webinar for supporting parents of children with Dyslexia.



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