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Design Technology

Design Technology Lead: Mr G Moulden

Subject Policy: MF D&T Policy 2021  

Subject Document: MF D&T Coverage and Progression 2021

Subject Gallery: Design Technology Photo Gallery

  "Design is concerned with how things work, how they are controlled, and the nature of the interaction between people and technology. When done well , the results are brilliant, pleasurable products." - Don Norman 

Design and Technology encourages children to develop planning, practical and cross curricular skills using a range of materials.  By working with different types of media, pupils learn the qualities and limitations of different materials, improve their dexterity and acquire skills for life. The teaching of Design and Technology at Manor Field School celebrates this country's wealth of engineering achievements, with the intention of fostering a curiosity and desire to encourage the next generation of brilliant engineers!

At Manor Field School every child studies Design and Technology throughout their journey up the school. This begins by learning the design process: making sketches of their ideas, using card models and designing templates for their projects.

Children are taught how to use a range of tools safely and acquire the technical knowledge to select the appropriate tool for different materials.

Design Technology has a strong cross-curricular element, with many processes involving science and maths.  A recent project to create moon buggies for example, required accurate measuring, sawing and fixing, to create a sturdy weight bearing chassis that was capable of being propelled by a motor. Pupils undertake a wide variety of projects including the construction of tall or weight-bearing structures, for example bridges, which incorporate other skills, such as physics. All our pupils have use of a ceramic kiln, providing them with an opportunity to create practical products that have a use and a permanence. Children also get to learn about food, diet, health and hygiene in a practical context using our amazing class kitchen, allowing whole classes to learn in a highly engaging and safe environment.

Design and Technology is further supported by a popular after school club and has links with Burgess Hill Academy to provide further opportunities for pupil enrichment.