The Value of COURAGE

How Children Learn Courage

Courage is an essential ingredient in growing up. It’s what propels us to reach new milestones—from learning to walk to learning maths —even though the effort seems hard or painful. 

Courage can be physical, like jumping from a diving board, or moral, like doing the right thing in the face of possible ridicule.

Build Confidence

Have you ever seen a toddler learn to walk? No matter how many times she falls, she picks herself up and tries again. Children have a natural drive to master new skills despite fears of getting hurt. The more a child confronts physical challenges, like learning to climb, ride a bicycle or ride a horse, the more capable she feels and the more likely she is to take on challenges in the future. 
How to Help:
  • Encourage independence a little at a time, and compliment your child when he tries a new activity.
  • Don’t hover—let your child play on her own for part of every day.
  • Introduce your child to as many new activites and interests as possible. The more they experience at a young age, the more confident they will become to try new, unfamiliar challenges in the future.