Sports Premium: Spending & Impact

Boys are trying out a greater range of sports and games. In the past, they limited themselves mainly to football. This is resulting in them developing a wider range of physical skills.   
Children who rarely participated in physical exercise at lunch in the past are now involved in a range of sports and games each day.  
The equipment has had a particularly high impact on SEN/D pupils and girls.
Children enjoy playing co-operatively and have reported improvements in their ability to work together. 
For full details of our Sports Premium Spending during 2015.2016 and its impact, please download the document below. 
The equipment hire is managed by our 'Cabin Crew'. This group of pupils have undergone a comprehensive training programme in order to ensure the safe and efficient loan and return of equipment.
The role is already having a significant positive impact upon their communication, organisational and leadership skills.
Children get involved in team games.