Pupil Leaders

Welcome to the Pupil Leader Page!
We hope that you will apply to be one of our Pupil leaders. Joining one of these teams will help you to improve your team working skills, your communication skills as well as lots of different elements of Building Learning Power. Working as a Pupil Leader is also great evidence for the citizenship part of aiming for Ambassador Status.
On the right hand side of this page you will find job descriptions for all the Pupil Leader positions we have recruited for so far. Do read through them and decide which role you feel suits your skills and interests most. You will also find the application form and all letters that have been sent to families regarding Pupil leadership. 
We accept applications from all ages. Don't worry if you have only just started on the journey of learning to write applications - we just expect you to give  100% effort to your application and do your very best. It doesn't matter how it compares to others. It is your hard work that is the important thing. 
Good luck with your application!