Midday Meals Supervisor 3 x vacancies


Our Midday Meals Supervisor team currently have the following vacancies:

3 x full time Midday meals supervisor  (1 hour per day, 5 days a week), salary: Grade 3

The role of a midday meals supervisor involves looking after children during their lunch time - overseeing and ensuring good behavior at all times whilst eating lunch.  Supporting children on the playground to ensure a safe and enjoyable lunch time play is also an important part of the role.

If you would enjoy being part of a friendly and dedicated team and play an important part in the daily routines of the children in our lively school, we would love to meet you!  Please complete and return the attached application form by Wednesday 11th October 2017 and hand it to the school office.


Main Responsibilities Include:

 · To maintain order and the safe transfer of pupils to and from the dining area.

  • To positively encourage good behaviour and table manners and hygiene.
  • To assist younger pupils where necessary whilst they are taking a meal.
  • To actively supervise the dining room procedures:-

- carrying of meal to the table

- assisting with the service at the table

- training children in the correct use of cutlery

- clearing and stacking table equipment and serving dishes

 - wiping and re-setting tables if necessary

- cleaning up food and water spillages on tables and floors

  • To report to the Headteacher in the case of absence due to illness.
  • To administer first aid in the case of a minor accident acting on the advice of the registered first-aider. Record accidents in the first aid record and report serious accidents to the Headteacher.
  • Be responsible for organising play activities in the playground or indoors if a wet playtime.
  • To liaise with the Headteacher and teaching staff of the school in dealing with problems arising from pupil behaviour and any other matters of concern.
  • To contribute as a member of a team to the ethos and environment of the school.
  • To adhere to need for confidentiality at all times.
  • To perform such other duties as reasonably correspond to the general character of the post and are commensurate with its level of responsibility