On 21st July we bid goodbye to our Year 6 pupils after seven years at the school. It is a long time to have shared a part in their lives and I will certainly miss them very much indeed. We wish every child in Year 6 much happiness and success in their secondary school career and hope each and every one of them will keep making the most of each minute at school and ‘opt in’ to as many opportunities as possible. Our final celebrations this academic year of the school’s 125th anniversary took place on Tuesday 21st with the first ever performance of our new school song followed by a showing of a special anniversary film and the opening of a ‘pop up’ Manor Field Museum. During the first months of this coming academic year, we will be continuing our 125th celebrations and working hard to secure funding for the refurbishment of our music room, a wonderful legacy to mark this important milestone in the school's history. We hope all of our school community are enjoying a happy and restful summer break. I look forward to welcoming all the children back on Friday 4th September with a skip in their step and excitement about a new year at school. With many warm wishes, Ms Kit Messenger

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