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Residential Blog:

Nethercott Farm 2018

Wednesday 7th March 2018

Only two more sleeps to go before we leave for Nethercott! The children eagerly brought in their wellington boots this morning all labelled up and ready to go.

I'm SO excited! I can't wait to be there and see all the animals and my room! 

 Friday 9th March 2018

We're here! We had an excellent journey down - super behaviour from everyone and no traffic on the roads. As soon as we arrived, we were served scones with jam and cream, followed by a tour around the house. We set up our waterproofs and wellie boots (ready for tomorrow's 7.30am start!) and ventured outside to the stable area... where we met Roxy, one of the farm worker's dogs, and were lucky enough to have a cuddle with 9 week old trainee mice-catcher, Cobweb! We loved that! 

Back inside, we undertook the fire drill... which we completed FIRST TIME! All the adults were very proud of us for that!

Time for tea: roast chicken, garlic bread and salad, followed by a wonderful fruit platter! We then unpacked, made our beds, had hot chocolate and a piece of cake - thanks to Katya's mum who made it for us! - and then off to bed... after our early start this morning, we were certainly happy to see our beds!

I didn't realise the food would be THAT good!



Saturday 10th March 2018 

After a fantastic breakfast (cereals, porridge, fruit, sausages, eggs and fried bread!), Group One cleaned out and groomed the horses and ponies: Seb the shire horse, Eric the pony and Applejack and Ned the donkeys.  Group Two went to the Creamery to learn how to make butter and cream - we had to dress in a scientist-like coat, hair net and crocs... all to keep the germs away! Group Three went to clean out the chicken coops - we had to push the wheelbarrows, which were full of chicken manure, all the way up the lane, working as a team to stop the barrow from toppling over! 

Freya Coote, Vanshi Lallchand and Poppy Ridley

Happy Birthday Chloe!

Love from Phoebe


 Sunday 11th March 2018 - Mother's Day!

ALL the children at Nethercott send their love and wishes to their Mums and special women in their lives... check out the 'Mother's Day Gallery' to see how creative they've been with their messages to you!


Some of the children spent the morning cooking Bakewell Tarts so that everybody could have them for desert after a wonderful roast pork dinner. We also had ice cream made at Nethercott from their milk by some children! After dinner, we went on a Sunday walk. We enjoyed squelching through all the mud, learning about the different locations around Nethercott and crossing the River Okemont across a high up bridge. Whilst group one were out at the dairy this evening, I was in the quiet room with my friends playing chess and scrabble. Nethercott is amazing and my favourite part was making the Bakewell Tarts from scratch. I'm looking forward to doing the poultry!

Tobias Klubal


Monday 12th March 2018

Today, we took care of some baby lambs by bottle-feeding them; that was fun! This morning, group one went to David's farm on a bumpy trailer ride! Group Two went to the milking parlour and found out that Graham's cows produce approximately 2000 litres of milk a day! Group Three visited the chickens and turkeys and collected eggs for breakfast. The donkeys were taken for a walk down the lane and back, and their stables mucked out. We were pleased to read the first card to Nethercott that Miss Baldwin has ever received through the post... Katya was really happy about that as it was from her Mummy wishing us all a great time!

Katya Badilici, Erin Woods and Vanshi Lallchand

Yes Mum, I'm having a wonderful time! The food is AMAZING and my favourite thing has been holding and feeding the lambs... I'm not ready to come home yet though Mum and Dad! x

Katya Badilici

 Tuesday 13th March 2018

Exciting news today: during breakfast, we were very pleased to welcome Niamh who came down to join us after being unwell over the weekend. She's had a busy day settling in, learning all the routines and meeting all the animals! Group One saw the incubator that's warming up some eggs and added one of their collected eggs that they actually saw being laid! They then took Applejack and Neddin, the donkeys, for some exercise down the lane. Group Two were cooking today. They cooked vegetable soup and plaited bread. Group Three had great fun in Forest School - they need a shower tonight as they're very stinky! 

Phoebe Gasson

 Wednesday 14th March 2018

We went on a trailer ride today and that was great fun! We helped David the farmer to feed the cattle and then got very muddy heading into the field to feed the sheep. When we went to check on the poultry, we were lucky enough to hold a chicken each... they were SO heavy! This afternoon, we groomed the large animals from the stables and then helped the gardeners by picking some salad leaves ready for our tea! Group One enjoyed forest school and the chance to chill out and be creative around the open fire.

Marwan Ali and Caspar Motley

I'm going to have good dreams tonight because I've had an amazing day today!

Lukas Prentice


Thursday 15th March – Oliver’s birthday!

The day began by me being woken up by a couple of people in my room singing happy birthday to me - I was really happy that people knew it was my birthday! It was a reasonable time to be woken up so everything was ok! My group went out to feed the pigs who were being unbelievably loud, squealing and snorting, desperate for their breakfast. After that, we had breakfast and I opened a couple of presents and some cards and the dining room had been decorated just for me! Our farm task was to check the stock at Parsonage Farm. After that, we had lunch and then went for a walk to Iddesleigh Village. I’m excited because tonight we are having a disco… once we’ve packed all our things away, that is!

Olly Wickwar

 Friday 16th March 2018

Today, we say goodbye to all the Nethercott staff that have looked after us so well and head back home. We DO want to see our families... but, we've had a blast and are sad to leave! Thank you Nethercott... we love it here - Miss Baldwin, Mrs Stoner, Mrs Rowland and Mr Cook can't wait for the next visit!